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Sri Jignesh Joshi

Sri Jignesh Joshi is a highly qualified priest and astrologer and comes from a family of priests. His grandfather and his father are both priests and astrologers. He received formal training in yajur Veda at the vendant Sanskrit patashala Varanasi, Sodus sanskaras in Nasik and the 18 puranas in Gujarat.


He has served as a priest in temples in Delhi, Kashmir, several places in Rajasthan and in Mumbai. He has over twenty eighty years of experience in performing religious services including poojas and prathisthas, havans, yagnas and weddings.


He is proficient in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Rajasthani and English. He is also familiar with assamese, Bengali and Oriya.


Devotees appreciate his explanation of the details and significance of rituals thus making the entire process very meaningful. He lives with his wife Nutan, daughter Krisha and Son Dhyan.

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