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Sri Ronur Murali Bhattar

Phone: (763) 807-7853 - Email:

Chief Priest Sri Ronur Murali Bhattar is the 13th Generation priest in his family, with his ancestors and family members serving the Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy Temple in Ronu, Karnataka for over 500 years.

His formal religious training includes Panchartra Agama for 3 years and Krishna Yajurveda poor prayogam (vivaha, upanayanam, namararanam, choula, annaprasana etc.) for 4 years in Gayatri veda patashala, Kolar.


Murali Bhattar came to our temple with 18 years of experience, including 12 years at Sri Ganesha temple in Nashvillie TN. He is well versed in Shaiva Sampradaaya pools and in conducting Ganapathi, Auyushya, Sudarsana, Rudra and Mritryunaiya homas.


He has performed Kumbhabhishekams in Augusta (GA), Atlanta (GA), Pittsburg (PA), Milwaukee (WI), Orlando (FL), Kingsport (TN), Nashville (TN), Birmingham (AL), Minneapolis (MN) and other temples in USA as well as in India. He has extensive experience in performing Puri Jagannatha Pooja and perming Ratha Yatra.


Sri Murali Bhattar represented the Priests of North America at the World Hindu Congress in New Delhi, India. He is a Member of the Guiding Team of the Hindu Mandir Executives Conference and was recognized as Archaka Bhushana at the Hindu Temple Priests Conference. He speaks Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English. He lives with his wife Nagalatha and Son, Shashank and Daughter Ashrita.

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