Friday June 11th

9:30AM to 11:30AM 

MahaGanapati Homam

(upstairs temple hall)

  • The first of the 3 day temple 15th anniversary & Gundicha Mandir inauguration celebration.  

  • Homam is performed to pray to Lord Ganesha for the blessings so the celebration continue without any obstacles.

  • LUNCH: Chhapan Bhog

Friday June 11th

5:00pm TO 8:00PM

Sankalpam & Rakshabandanam

(upstairs temple hall)

  • We request all sponsors to be present at this time. Others - come sponsor and be apart of this auspicious time. There are several levels of sponsorship available.

  • DINNER: Vibrant Gujarat


9AM to 12:30 PM

Sankalpam & Rakshabandanam

(upstairs temple hall)

  • Priests will perform several Homams this morning in the Yagashala - Sri Narasimha Homa, Sudharshana Homa, Jagannadha Homa and few other Homams - all performed for the welfare of the community. 

  • Lunch: Andhra Aroma 


4PM to 6:30 PM

Procession with Deepam

(108 women needed)

  • Please come participate in the procession! Dressed in red sarees, women will carry a Deepam, along with the Dawaja (Flag), from the Main Temple to the new Gundicha Mandir

  • After the flag is hoisted to the top of the Gopuram, women will enter the Gundicha Mandir with Deepam & place it in the designated area.  

  • We request 108 women to come and seek blessings of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra,  and Subhadra.



Neel Kamal Cultural Show

Nath Auditorium

  • Be a part of HSMN's FREE Anniversary cultural event, "Neel Kamal", which will showcase spectacular classical dance performances.

  • Dinner: Delhi Chaat


9AM to 1PM

The Grande



  • On this final day of the celebrations, the priests will carry the Kalashams from the Yagashala, in a procession to the Gundicha Mandir along with the devotees. 

  • Priests will sprinkle holy water on top of the Gopuram (11:30AM to noon), followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Gundicha Mandir.

  • LUNCH: Sher-E-Punjab

Hindu Society of Minnesota's 15th Anniversary & Gundicha Mandir inauguration celebration will be held on Friday June 11th, Saturday June 12th, and Sunday June 13th. The three days are packed with religious events, but here are some key highlights:

Senator Amy Klobucharwill visit our Hindu Temple

11:30am on Sunday, June 13th

We are honored to say that Senator Amy Klobuchar is scheduled to arrive at 11:30am on Sunday, June 13th. Please visit the temple with your family and friends to receive her.

Tim Walz-bio_tcm1055-418597.png

Governor Tim Walz will visit our Hindu Temple

Saturday June 12th 10:30am

We look forward to the visit of our MN Governor, Tim Walz, visiting our temple on Saturday, June 12th, at 10:30am. It is an honor to have him present during our temple's 15th Anniversary and Gundicha Mandir Inauguration. Please come with your families to receive and greet him.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Come celebrate our 15th Anniversary Event on Friday, June 11th, Saturday, June 12th, and Sunday, June 13th.

Consider being a sponsor, at one of the following levels:

  • $5001 - Platinum level

  • $2501 - Gold level

  • $1001 - Silver level

  • $501 - Bronze level

Neel Kamal - Cultural Program for

15th Anniversary Event

Saturday June 12th, at 6:45pm

Be a part of HSMN's cultural event, "Neel Kamal", during the temple's 15th Anniversary & Gundicha Mandir inauguration. 

"Neel Kamal" will showcase spectacular classical dance performances.

Where: Nath Auditorium, Hindu Temple of MN, Maple Grove

This is a FREE event.