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The Hindu Society of Minnesota (HSMN) is a non-profit organization that services the religious, cultural, and educational needs of devotees in the Twin Cities.  Founded in 1978, HSMN hosts a magnificent temple in Maple Grove, MN, that includes 21 deities.  HSMN, as an organization, is possible due to the monetary donations as well as countless volunteer hours.

Our Mission

  1. To provide Hindu Temple (Mandir - place of worship) in Minnesota.

  2. To bring into closer relation with the members of the Hindu community.

  3. To provide a forum for scholarly discussions of the Hindu philosophy.

  4. To conduct and sponsor religious, spiritual, charitable, educational, social and cultural activities for the benefit of the community.

  5. To establish a library in the Temple (Mandir) that focuses on Hindu philosophy and religion.

  6. To preserve and promote Hindu traditions and cultural heritage.

  7. To encourage and embrace the values of community service and volunteerism.

  8. To teach its youth and adult members the history and development of the Hindu philosophy and religion and to inculcate a pride of our heritage. Encourage their participation and involvement in daily activities of the Temple (Mandir) and Society.

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