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Safety and Security

HSMN – Hindu Temple in Maple Grove MN is committed to providing a safe and peaceful environment for all its staff, visitors and devotees.


A Safety and Security Committee is in place under the auspices of Trustee Executive Committee (TEC)


Temple Manager is a member of the Safety and Security Committee. All Security related matters should be referred to the Temple Manager who in turn will interface with the Safety and Security Committee Chair to address all Safety and Security related issues.  


Safety and Security Committee Charter

  • Safety and security System Implementation and Maintenance including Security Alarms, Surveillance Systems and all other Protective Measures

  • Emergency Response Plan for Weather, Fire, Medical and Human threats.  Develop and Document Policies and Procedures, Training, Periodic Drills to enhance the safety of staff and visitors

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Remember: Safety and Security Responsibility belongs to everyone 


“If You See Something Say Something”


  • Become familiar with the Emergency Response Documents posted in temple

  • Volunteer and train to be the first responder – CPR and use of AED

  • Follow safe practices and discipline at the temple. 

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