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'Annapurna Devo Bhava'

Provider of Food is No Less than God

Our divine scriptures say Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam! While preserving the divinity of food, we serve prasadam/food at our temple with the help of devotee volunteers on weekends and special occasions like festivals.       


Food Sponsor is one of the most gratifying and popular services among devotees and is always booked a couple of months in advance by enthusiastic devotee volunteers.   



    • Payment for groceries. Bring friends and family as volunteers to cook and serve. 


    • Payment for groceries. HSMN will find volunteers to cook and serve. 


Important information                            
  • Saturday: It is appropriate to plan/cook for about 100-150 people on Saturdays. Saturday sponsors need to set up the tables and chairs by removing them from storage carts before serving food.
  • Sunday: It is appropriate to plan/cook for about 200 - 250 people on Sundays. Sunday sponsors need to fold the chairs and tables and stack them up on the storage carts after the food service is over.
  • Please make sure to provide ample quantities of food to devotees to be filling, as they pay for the food!
If you would like to volunteer or sponsor food, please fill out the form below and/or email it to
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