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The Hindu Society of Minnesota (HSMN) plans to build a versatile multi-purpose facility that will serve as a dynamic center for community activities and cultural/educational events. This visionary project aims to create a go-to destination in the twin cities, offering spaces for gatherings, classrooms, an assembly hall, a dining area, an art gallery, a hangout lounge, a library, a walking trail, a playground, a yoga/meditation hall, and a garden. Construction is set to begin this year, and be completed in the target timeframe of five years.


Dare to Dream is an ambitious vision to foster a tight-knit community, creating a vibrant display of our Hindu heritage through education, wellness, and cultural events.


Our goal is to build a more connected community that invests in its youth. We plan to establish education, cultural, and heritage centers, as well as a social and event center, to provide opportunities for learning, growth, and community engagement. These initiatives will empower the youth and create a brighter future for everyone.


Our plan is to create education, cultural, and heritage centers, along with a social and event center, for our youth's better future. These initiatives will provide opportunities for learning, growth, and social interaction, enhancing the sense of community and promoting a brighter future.


We require new facilities due to limited space. Dedicated education and cultural centers can create focused learning environments that highlight the significance of cultural education alongside religion. These facilities promote community values, pride, and outreach opportunities, making it essential to invest in them to continue serving and growing our community effectively.

Conceptual Plan

Proposed Scope

The completion of the Education Center will be a fundamental milestone in HSMN’s journey. It is a strategic vision for the many generations to come by creating spaces for education and culture, while celebrating our heritage.


Education Center

  • Auditorium/Multi Purpose

  • Classroom

  • Admin, Coats, Shoes, ETC.

  • Digital Resource Center/ Library Gallery

  • Juice Bar

Proposed Location

According to the master plan, the new centers will be situated on the vacant land located in front of the temple. However, the final decision on the building site, specifically north of the temple, will be based on a thorough analysis by civil engineering and survey teams. These teams will carefully evaluate the site to ensure it is the optimal location for the new facilities, taking into account factors such as accessibility, safety, and the environment.


The proposed Dare to Dream project aims to bring several benefits to HSMN and the wider community. Firstly, it seeks to promote Hindu culture and Dharma, while also highlighting the value of education and spiritual growth. The project also seeks to provide communal spaces for future generations to enjoy, while educating and preserving the community's heritage. Additionally, the project aims to celebrate the diversity of the vibrant community, attract more visitors to the temple, and enhance the sense of community. Finally, the project will create new revenue channels for HSMN, including meeting rooms and event space rentals, private classes, and wedding events.


Sponsorship Levels

Entrance Rotunda - $1,000,000

Assembly Hall - $1,000,000

Digital Library - $100,000

Gallery Space - $100,000

Catering Kitchen - $100,000

Juice Bar - $100,000

Classroom - $50,000

AV/Technology Room - $50,000

Teacher’s Lounge - $50,000

Restrooms - $25,000 

Storage Rooms - $25,000

Coat/Shoe Room - $25,000

Teacher’s Office - $25,000

Building Support - $25,000 

Mechanical Room - $25,000

Sponsor a Brick - $2,500

Community Wall of Support - $2,500

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