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Limited Quantities Available.

Commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Hindu Society of Minnesota (HSMN), The Hindu Book of Wisdom embodies the essence of Sanatana Dharma's enduring insights. Led by Chairperson Sushmi Aggrawal, Vice President Shajive Jeganathan, and contributors Vishal Agarwal, Sarang Tantry, and Mahati Rayadurgam, this collaborative effort crystallized over a dedicated year. Presenting 108 select quotations from Hindu scriptures, the book illuminates timeless wisdom for navigating the complexities of past, present, and future. Bridging tradition and modernity, it serves as a companion for inner growth, offering solace amid uncertainties and inspiration for purposeful living. Enhanced by accessible translations and evocative imagery, the book's impact transcends boundaries, offering universal insights applicable to all.


All proceeds from its sale benefit the Hindu Temple of Minnesota.


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